Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DX Tuners RIP - Again!

Well, for a second time, the DX Tuners network has gone silent. Once more I received the ubiquitous "your radio cannot be reached" email message, and after several rebooting attempts I went to the website and saw this image.

Fortunately, the is not the end of the global network of shortwave receivers that started life as "Javaradio" - the new "owner" of the network, Ivo Smits, has rechristened the network as "Global Tuners" and opened this new website, globaltuners.com

Moving to the new network is an opportunity for me to change to Ivo's new Windows-based server software, moving away from the Linux software that the old network used. Hopefully the move will be painless. However, this may mean that there will be turmoil and loss of users during the transition period. We shall see!

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