Friday, May 25, 2007

New SDR-IQ has Arrived!

(5/25/2007) I just received my new SDR-IQ software-defined radio from Universal Radio - it seems like they got a small shipment in, and I had been monitoring their website for the announcement. The version I purchased was just the bare board, not the complete unit mounted in a case (those seemingly are still waiting for FCC approval). Cost was $399, quite reasonable considering its capabilities.

The current link to the radio on their web site is: SDR-IQ

[UPDATE 5-26-2007: Universal announced they are sold out of the boards, and would have more later]

[UPDATE 9-7-2007: The Universal site no longer lists the bare board version anymore, but appears to have the complete SDR-IQ with case available on their web site]

I will be writing more about the SDR-IQ in the future, but was very impressed by its operation the few minutes I spent with it tonight. Most exciting is the ability to see the spectrum across 190 kHz of bandwidth in real-time, and the ability to record that spectrum to hard disk for later listening (as if it were live). I had a small glitch with the included Spectravue software on playback of an RF recording, as the frequencies of spectrum displayed were different from what I had recorded. But, I presume this is due to "pilot error" on my part, and I will work more with it in the coming days to see how it all works.

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